The Fathering Project aims to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to engage with their kids through shared tips, activities, events and personal stories.

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The Fathering Project PKH

The Fathering Project Preventing Kids’ Harm was founded by The Fathering Project in May 2015. It is established specifically to deal with the problems of substance abuse, suicide and self-harm amongst school-aged children.

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About The Fathering Project:

Being a Better Dad.

Being a better Dad is about being present and involved in every stage of your child’s life. Research shows there is a strong causal link between good fathering and the reduced incidence of harmful behaviours such as delinquency, suicide, self-harm and substance abuse. What and who they become tomorrow will be your legacy.

About The Fathering Project:

It's all about the kids.

Fathers have significant impact on the social, cognitive, emotional and physical well‐being of children from infancy to adolescence and with lasting influences into their adult life.


Be creative in how you tell your children you love them

Tell your kids you love them, often.


Being a Great Father Can Be Quick and Simple

There are many things that fathers can do in the midst of a busy life to make a difference in the lives of their children.


Be a Father Figure for a Child in Need

A father figure doesn’t have to be an immediate male member of the family. You can always be a father figure to your child’s friends at school.


Family Fun: Outdoor Ideas

There are so many outdoor ideas to choose from when it comes to a family-fun day with your partner and kids. Find out some ideas of an activity you can enjoy.

Schools Program:

What is a Fathering Project School Group?

The Fathering Project School Group is formed in your child’s school by fathers and father figures who want to be champions in their child’s life. The group is aimed at being fun, building interaction and knowledge of fathers and father figures of the school to engage themselves more effectively in the lives of their kids.

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The work of The Fathering Project is solely supported by the generosity of our community – people like you. When you donate, you will be supporting our mission to prevent kids from suicide, self-harm and substance abuse. You’ll be supporting our research and schools program. To help us continue our work, please make a donation today.

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“Having a dad that inspired me to work and live to my potential; to make choices so that you get up in the morning and enjoy what you do is a gift that is constantly with me.”

Fiona Wood, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in the area of burns and scar management.

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