The Fathering Project aims to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to engage with their kids. We know that an effective father has a profound impact on the kids. We seek to make better dads for the benefit of the kids.  Our Vision is to ensure every child in Australia has an effective father or father figure.

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Five main aims of The Fathering Project to help our kids

1. To help fathers realise how important they are in a child's life
2. To give fathers advice on how to engage with their children
3. To inspire fathers to get involved with their children - become proactive
4. To develop programs and initiatives to assist with and promote the engagement of fathers
5. To utilise research-based evidence to encourage positive change in fathers

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It's all about the kids

Since its infancy, we’ve engaged with many fathers and father figures across Australia to become better dads for the sake of their children. After all, the main beneficiaries of our work are the children of today and tomorrow – encouraging and leading them to become future citizens and leaders.

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About The Fathering Project:

Being a Better Dad.

Being a better Dad is about being present and involved in every stage of your child’s life. Research shows there is a strong causal link between good fathering and the reduced incidence of harmful behaviours such as delinquency, suicide, self-harm and substance abuse. What and who they become tomorrow will be your legacy.

About The Fathering Project:

It's all about the kids.

Fathers have significant impact on the social, cognitive, emotional and physical well‐being of children from infancy to adolescence and with lasting influences into their adult life.


Discussing beliefs with your children, whatever they are

Be open to your children’s questions about what you believe and why. Tell them why you observe certain rituals or attend your place of worship on certain days.


Take a minute to celebrate ‘The Land Down Under’

Here’s some stellar advice from Tommy Caldwell, one of the top rock climbers on the planet - someone who Kym imagines spent way too much of his formative years hanging off high-points by his fingertips (and maybe being told not to by well-meaning adults).


Ancient wisdom about being a good dad

There is ancient wisdom around the key factors on how to be a good dad. Listen in to this podcast to hear the story of a dad who showed his son unconditional love.


Family Fun: Indoor Ideas

Now we all know that family fun is important, how about some ideas for those days where outside is just too rainy or too hot?

Schools Program:

What is a Fathering Project School Group?

The Fathering Project School Group is formed in your child’s school by fathers and father figures who want to be champions in their child’s life. The group is aimed at being fun, building interaction and knowledge of fathers and father figures of the school to engage themselves more effectively in the lives of their kids.

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Support Us:


The work of The Fathering Project is solely supported by the generosity of our community – people like you. When you donate, you will be supporting our mission to prevent kids from suicide, self-harm and substance abuse. You’ll be supporting our research and schools program. To help us continue our work, please make a donation today.

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“The Fathering Project is brilliant and inspires me as a dad.”

Justin Langer AM, former Australian cricketer, Coach WA & Perth Scorchers

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