About The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project is a University of Western Australia-based non-profit team of professionals whose aim is to help fathers realise how important they are in a child’s life and to give them advice on how to encourage their children.
Their work is also aimed at father figures such as grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, mentors, youth leaders, teachers, pastors and coaches, knowing that many children do not have much father contact at all.
This work was triggered by statistics that show that:

  • whilst mothers are usually involved in children’s lives, education and health matters, many fathers are not as involved as they could be.
  • this father-absence has a major impact on education (eg. on attitude to school, truancy and bullying), health (more drug addiction, depression, cigarette smoking) and crime.
  • the cost of this problem to the Australian community is estimated to be over $12 billion per year, so this intervention could save many millions of dollars each year.

Aims of the Project

  • To help fathers realize how important they are in a child’s life and to give them advice on how to encourage their children.
  • Encourage fathers to get involved early with their children- become pro-active.
  • Help Fathers and father figures get connected in positive ways.
  • Provide handy hints and tips for busy fathers or partners.
  • Reach fathers in their situation: schools, workplaces, community groups
  • Utilizing research based evidence to encourage positive change in fathers.

Project Principles

Research conducted by The Fathering Project (The University of Western Australia and Edith Cowan University) combined with other research shows that:

  • Fathers are strong potential influencers.
  • Fathers often struggle to know how to be good dads.
  • Being a good father does make a difference
  • A good relationship with your child is the best insurance against peer pressure.
  • Children need time with fathers & father figures
  • There is a best practice for fathering – it is not all guesswork.
  • Fathers have a profound effect on their children whether they like it or not
  • The more effort a father puts in, the more effect he is likely to have.Father figures: uncles, grandfathers, teachers, sport coaches, youth/scout leaders and pastors are also important to a child.
  • The link between good fathering and children’s outcomes is so strong that it is estimated that if all Australian fathers spent an extra five minutes a day with each of their children, $5 billion per year would be saved in the areas of law(less juvenile crime), health(less drug taking), education(more engaged) and industry (greater productivity).

The Project Team

The Fathering Project team is led by Dr Bruce Robinson, a Professor of Medicine at The University of Western Australia.

The team is supported by a Reference Group of professionals with outstanding expertise in the field of fathering.

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  • The Fathering Project is hosted by The University of Western Australia. Your donation will assist the organisation to conduct research, make presentations at schools and build support groups for fathers. It has tax deductible status
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