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Make Kids feel Worthwhile

Make the effort to give time and attention to your children so they feel worthwhile.


Encouraging words for mothers from Bruce Robinson

Mums, you are very important when it comes to encouraging good fathering.


Ideas for Spending Time with Teenagers

Get creative in finding opportunities to spend with your teenager.


Make conversations more meaningful

Have more conversations with your child that focus on them and their world – and let your child do most of the talking.

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Plan your workday backwards

Block out in your diary the time you will be leaving the office and then work backwards to plan your day.


Praise your kids – often

Criticism should be vastly outweighed by praise in communicating with your children.


Be the role model your kids need

Your behaviour is a key influencer of your children’s behaviour.


Conversation starters – teenagers

Here are a few suggested questions to ask your teenage child.


Conversation starters – primary school children

Here are a few suggested questions to ask your child.


Encourage reading

Set the example, provide the opportunity, and actively support your children as they learn to read.