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Fast track your kid’s vision

This article reveals to you eight take-home gems from an interview done by Fatherly.com with Phyllis Fagell, a school counsellor whose job is to help middle school children find their passion and calling.


Board Games and Card Games

Board games and card games are a great way to spend time one-to-one with each of your children, as well as being a fun family activity.


Things no one tell you about being a new dad

Are you going to be a new dad? Well, hear it from the experts and find out the things that no one tells you about being one! But of course, we know that you'll be great no matter what.


Hide and Seek

Who says hide and seek is boring? You can play it however way you want! The key is... be creative!!

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Skip the Hallmark Card for Mother’s Day

What happens if you are not someone who writes sappy cards with glitter? Here's an alternate plan that rocks!


Mother’s Day – What is Dad’s role?

Help the kids to make this day extra special for Mum and the whole family.


Celebrating your partner’s first Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is here, don't panic! This article provides a few common sense tips and ideas that will show her you know that carrying, delivering, and feeding your child is a bigger gift than you can ever really repay (but you're willing to try).


Your child and current news

Keep up with current news and encourage your children to take an interest in the world around them. Discuss events together as a family.


Family Holidays

Even if you can’t take long vacations, organise mini-breaks over weekends or for a few days during school holidays to spend time with your children.


Teamwork in parenting

Discuss and agree with your partner your approach to parenting, and support each other in developing and then adhering to this framework as your children grow.