Being a Great Father Can Be Quick and Simple

There are many things that fathers can do in the midst of a busy life to make a difference in the lives of their children. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time and the busier you are the more kids appreciate the time you spend with them. It makes them feel really special and that they’re worth your time. All the fathering tips we have are all road-tested tips by fathers just like you.

It can be as simple as coming home early one day a week and taking the kids to the beach for an ice cream. If you have to travel with your job, try taking the kids one at a time. One father said, “My 14-year-old daughter and I, we were not getting on but I read that chapter in your book about taking them on a trip. I had to go to a conference. I took her with me. Since we’ve come back, we are as close as can be. We have our own secret stories about our trip.” His daughter keeps telling people that the two weeks with her dad was the best two weeks of her life. Then he said, “Actually Bruce, they were the best two weeks of my life as well.”

He made the effort. It really bonded him to his child but also he realised how much fun it is to be a dad who does take those opportunities to spend time with his kids. This example is just one of the hundreds of stories that we’ve got from people that show our tips for busy fathers have really worked very successfully.

This article is an excerpt from Bruce Robinson’s interview with Graham Mabury Audio reproduced with permission. Listen in to the whole interview here.

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