Give your kids a call

Dad talking on the phone

“I really wish I could have those early mornings over breakfast with the family, but stockbroking just starts early. I always ring home in the morning from work and talk with Angus about his day so that he starts it with me ‘in his head’. I check in with Anne-Louise and the little one manages to wrestle the phone off them at some point.” – Tim Willoughby, stockbroker and former Olympic rower

“With modern mobile phones I can keep in touch with my teenage daughter while she is away at boarding school. Of course she can’t use the phone during lessons, but I leave text messages that she gets during breaks, like ‘Hope you have a good day’, or ‘Thinking of you, love Dad.’” – David Pocock, investment adviser.

  • Even if you are many miles apart from your child modern technology still allows you to keep in touch.
  • If you miss out on the morning time with your family call and check in before your child heads off to school
  • Use that time to ask about the day ahead
  • This daily phone call lets your child know that even though you are at work, you are still thinking about your child
  • If your child doesn’t have a mobile phone try leaving notes for them to find during the day.


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