Involving kids in your work

Bringing your kids to work and getting them involved can be a fun and fulfilling activity for both you and your kids. Listen to this podcast, or read the transcript below, to find out how exciting it can be!

Involving kids in your work

One of the tricks I think works really well is to somehow involve your kids in your work – kids love it! They love to see where you work and sometimes it can be a real hit.

For example, I got really annoyed that I had to go away overseas to conferences in my work as a doctor, so I decided to begin taking my children, one at a time, around the age of around 9 or 10. And I thought it would be a chore, but that I should do it. It turned out to be magnificent! I loved every second and so did my kids.

The other thing that you can do is to just involve them in your regular work, and I remember once on talkback radio in Sydney, a truck driver told me how he wanted to give his wife a break so he took his two kids with him on his truck, driving all over NSW delivering things. They’d sleep in the truck, then get up in the morning and have bacon and eggs at the truck stop. He never missed a day of work, but those kids when they got home came running in to Mum saying, “Mum, Mum – best holiday ever! Best holiday we’ve ever had in our lives!” And dad said, “Hey, I didn’t miss a day of work, but the kids just loved it!”

So think of clever ways you can involve your kids in your work life.

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