Top 10 Tips for Being a Great Dad

10 Tips for Being a Great Dad

In celebration of Father’s Day and to acknowledge the importance of fathers, Professor Bruce Robinson, director of the Fathering Project, UWA, and Western Australian of the Year 2013 offers dads the 10 top tips from The Fathering Project. Dad dates One of the simplest and yet most powerful strategies that enable fathers to connect to their children is dad dates. If dad bothers to spend time … [Read more...]

Father to Son Tips Help the New Dad and Kids

Father to Son Tips Help the New Dad and Kids

Simon Robinson has fond memories of the “dad dates” his father used to take him on when he was a child. Now with two young daughters of his own, the son of Western Australian of the Year Professor Bruce Robinson says he can fully appreciate his father’s efforts to make time for him. His father, the director of the University of WA’s The Fathering Project, has written books of tips for … [Read more...]

How to Be a Dad

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Is fathering something that we should just all know how to do? For a lot of blokes, their dad was either not around or was not a really good guy. So they don’t have a role model for how to be a dad. But even if they had a good role model, pretty much every dad has to learn what to do. No one ever teaches you how to be a dad. All you can do is reflect on how your dad did things, and maybe take a … [Read more...]

Three Things a Child Needs from Their Father

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There are three things in particular a child really needs in their dad, or father figure, that’s going to set them up for life. The first is to know that dad is there for them. He’ll never abandon them. He’s always going to be there when they need him. Secondly, that he’ll show his love for them, and that love will not depend on whether they’re smart at school or not. The love is just there all … [Read more...]

New Fathering Research: How Fathers and Father Figures Can Shape Child Health and Wellbeing

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Investigators: Wood, Lisa and Lambin, Estée (2013). The University of Western Australia. We shouldn’t underestimate the vast importance of fathers in children’s lives, not only because children ‘need and love their dads’ , but also because of the significant impact that fathers have on the social, cognitive, emotional and physical well-­‐being of children from infancy to adolescence and with … [Read more...]

How to spend time with your children

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Father’s are very important in children’s lives and in fact, looking at statistics of kids that are drug addicts, who lose direction at school, who get depression, teenage suicides, and that sort of thing, between 70 and 100% of them are fatherless. There is no doubt that if someone could wave a magic wand and improve fathering in New Zealand overnight, there would be a dramatic impact on all of … [Read more...]

The Life Changing Fathering Book

Dad & Daughters

How men in demanding jobs ensure they’re good fathers is the question that Dr. Bruce Robinson has tried to answer in his new book called “Fathering from the Fast Lane”. Dr. Robinson has some experience in this area; he is a father of three, as well as a Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia, a practicing lung specialist, and a cancer researcher. In this book, he has … [Read more...]

What makes a good Father?

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What are the golden rules for being a good father?  A good father is someone who looks at his children and says, "What do my children really need from me?" Then, he goes about trying to give it to them. It’s more than just money, a roof over their head, and money for education and food.  All of that is important.  It is more than just discipline and straight forward love. It’s making kids … [Read more...]

How to manage work and family life

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How do men in demanding jobs ensure that they are also good fathers to their children? The workforce has changed; you no longer have a job for life.  You can’t take out a mortgage and know that you are going to be able to pay it. People have to travel a lot more for their work. They’re away a lot. One father said, “I don’t see my three young sons awake between Sunday night when they are … [Read more...]

How to Promote a Healthy Body Image in Girls

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Girls are becoming body conscious at a very early age, with movies, makeup, the internet, and even their toys. How do we protect our girls from being bombarded by images in the media? The long-term answer is to look at how much television is in their lives. The American Psychological Association is starting to say you probably shouldn't even have TV around kids under three. Also, if the parents … [Read more...]