Richmond Dads Campout 2012

Dads and Children at the CampoutOn 17 March 2012, the Richmond Primary School Dad’s Campout was held. 70 dads and 120 children came along to the event.

The goal behind the Campout is to create stronger connections between Dads and their children and to help the Dads support each other in the difficult job of being an effective father.

The Dads Campout was hosted by Richmond Primary School. The Dads and children brought their own tea on the friday night and cooked it together. A number of after dark activities were held for the children after tea.

Breakfast the next morning was provided courtesy of the volunteers from East Fremantle Baptist Church.

After the breakfast, Raymond Shanhun shared five great tips for the fathers at the campout:

1.     Get Physical

My kids gave me an electronic photo album & I was surprised to see how much physical activity I was doing with the kids. Boogie boarding, chasing our beloved dog, cycling swimming. Now that I am a Senior, my energy levels have reduced. Energy is a gift-use it.

2.     Talk about Sex

At a recent presentation 50 men said they had daughters, but only 3 had talked about sex with their children. The reality is sexuality is a core part of who we are – encompassing babies, being a girl and boy, love and intimacy and relationships. The Media will provide all kinds of sex messages, so get started now. Want some tips for talking about sex with your children? Read our article about discussion sexuality with your daughter.

3.    Rough & Tumble Play

When our kids were little they would come onto our bed every Saturday morning and somehow we always got involved in ‘Rough & Tumble Play’. Surprisingly, my wife was the main player!  I seemed to end up saying “someone is going to get hurt soon”. Fathering research indicates Rough and Tumble play is very important for kids. Dads have a big role here in establishing boundaries and rules which carry over into school life.
Dads at the presentation

4.    Plan Holidays & Memories

A bit by accident, we hired a very simple little house/shack on the beach at Falcon when our kids were babies. We went there every year after Christmas for over 20 years. I taught all the kids to body surf, swim, build sandcastles & run up and down the sand dunes. Now it is a part of our tradition even though my kids are adults.  Take your holidays and build a tradition. As the years go by, those memories and stories are sustaining to your kids.

5.    Honour Mothers

I work from home and we live across the road from Bicton Primary School. So I have observed just how much work the mothers put into education.  The reality is that the success of fathering depends to a large extent on the attitude of the mother, which in turn depends on how she is being treated by her partner.  If she is supported, loved and feels her role is respected, she will reflect positively with her baby and older children.

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