The Fathering Project aims to work closely with schools to assist fathers and father figures to be the best fathers, or father figures, they can be.

Fathering is not an issue that is talked a lot about amongst fathers, yet there are enormous benefits for both dads and kids when dads feel supported and informed to enable them to be the best fathers they can be.

What is The Fathering Project’s Schools’ Program?

The Fathering Project’s Schools’ Program aims to positively promote the important role of fathers, and father figures, to the entire school community through the formation of a “Champion” Dads’ group, or Fathering Project School Group (FPSG).

The FPSG’s key role is to provide leadership and direction to the group of “Champion” Dads, school fathers, father figures and support people, including Mums.

A Fathering Project School Group is a group of dads from a school that is created to be an enjoyable, social group that builds interaction, knowledge and skills of fathers, and father figures, but most importantly is an opportunity for dads to get together in a relaxed, informal environment.

This core group of dads, “Champion” Dads or father figures, will run activities in the school community. They are not “Champion” Dads because they are perfect dads but because they are committed to championing the need for being better dads for the sake of their kids, their partners and the community.

The activities undertaken by the Fathering Project School Group include;

  • Father and father activities (including father figures – like uncles, grandfathers, coaches, teachers, etc.)
  • Father and child activities.
  • Father and The Fathering Project activities.
  • Father and School activities.

Help us place Fathering Champions in every school

The Fathering Project is now actively developing the strategy and personnel to make presentations and develop Fathering activities in schools in WA.

Fundamental to this exciting initiative is the establishment of a School Fathering Champion in each school who will work with The Fathering Project on presentations and activities. Starting a “Champion” Dads’ Group is not rocket science. To find out how, click here.

This initiative is a proactive approach which aims to ‘turn off the tap’ rather than ‘mop up’ the mess.

Provide Support

You can provide support for this development in a number of ways:

  • Make a generous tax-deductible donation today to support our School Program.
  • Talk to the Principal of your children’s school to let them know about the project. If they are interested, invite us to your school to discuss how to start a Fathering Project School Group.
  • You can also volunteer to be a Fathering Project School’s Presenter.