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Everyone wins when there is an effective father, or father figure, in a child’s life. An effective father, or father figure will help to:

  • Enhance child development and improve academic progress.
  • Reduce school adjustment problems.
  • Reduce alcohol, tobacco and drug use.
  • Increase physical activity and better health outcomes.
  • Increase social responsibility, social maturity, resilience and life skills.
  • Strengthen father and child and father and wife/partner relationships.

Eight Easy Steps to starting a Fathering Project School Group!

Starting a group is like “lighting a campfire”! In order to start a Fathering Project School Group in your school, we recommend the following steps:

“Set the campfire” – Get permission to start the project in the school community:

Step 1: Get the school on board by talking to the Principal and P&C / Board.

Step 2: Identify the “Champion” dad(s) who will “drive the project.”

Step 3: Organise a meeting with The Fathering Project involving the following people – the Principal, or school representative,   P&C or board representative and these “Champion” dads to discuss the formation of the “Champion” Dads’ group.

 “Light the campfire” – Motivate and inspire the dads in the school.

Step 4: Invite The Fathering Project to conduct an information session with school community, mostly dads.

Step 5: Build your database of dads & father figures through smartphones after the information session.

Step 6: Complete a couple of admin tasks (e.g. letters from the P&C and register with The Fathering Project).

“Keep the campfire burning” by running successful and enjoyable activities.

Step 7: Conduct your activities. Start small with two then build up to four or eight per year.

“Keep the campfire stoked” by communicating regularly with the Dads & The Fathering Project

Step 8: The Fathering Project’s support role will be to assist you and make it easy to build your group and organise future activities. For more information please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our Schools Manager, Colin West –

Get Started

If you would now like to organise a meeting to discuss how The Fathering Project can partner with your school in starting a “Champion” Dads’ Group, please fill out the following Request for Information Form.

Request for information

If you are interested in starting a Fathering Project Schools Group please contact our Schools Manager, Colin West for more information.
  • Please suggest meetings dates & times