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Everyone wins when there is an effective father, or father figure, in a child’s life. An effective father, or father figure will help to:

  • Enhance child development and improve academic progress.
  • Reduce school adjustment problems.
  • Reduce alcohol, tobacco and drug use.
  • Increase physical activity and better health outcomes.
  • Increase social responsibility, social maturity, resilience and life skills.
  • Strengthen father and child and father and wife/partner relationships.

Eight Easy Steps to starting a Fathering Project School Group!

Step 1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions page to develop your knowledge of the program and understand the process involved.

Step 2. Get the school on board by talking to the Principal and Parent Association and/or School Board.

Step 3. Identify and recruit a driver from within your school community, and some fathers and father figures from across your entire school community who will acts as leaders and help “drive the project”. Working With Children Checks will be required to be engaged as a  a leader.

Step 4. Organise a meeting with  a TFP representative for the interested fathers, school leadership and/or parent association representatives.

Step 5. After this initial meeting the school completes the endorsement letter, arranges to pay the $400 contribution and registers the group on-line via our website Once this registration is completed, The Fathering Project will provide the resources needed to launch the project in your school.

Step 6. Dads Group drivers/leaders plan the launch event in partnership with The Fathering Project staff, widely promote and invite the dads and father-figures from across your whole school community. TFP staff can provide resources and suggestions to assist with this process.

Step 7. The Dads Group conduct their Launch event to establish The Fathering Project Dads’ Group at their school.

Step 8. The Dads Group leaders plan and then conduct enjoyable dads & kids activities and dads only events, communicate regularly with their fathers, father-figures, the school and The Fathering Project. TFP will support them to assist with the sustainability of the project.


Get Started

If you would now like to organise a meeting to discuss how The Fathering Project can partner with your school in starting a “Champion” Dads’ Group, please fill out the following Request for Information Form.

Request for information

If you are interested in starting a Fathering Project Schools Group please contact our Schools Manager, Colin West for more information.
  • Please suggest meetings dates & times