Booragoon Primary School’s Top Gun Night

On Friday 28 August 2015, 16 dads of Booragoon Primary School gathered for a night of “Top Gun” themed Indoor Beach Volleyball competition. The competition was held at O’Connor Indoor Beach Volleyball Centre.

The Dads of Booragoon who came for the volley ball event

The Dads of Booragoon who came for the volley ball event

The dads who attended were split into groups which names were named after the characters in the 1986 film Top Gun – Team Maverick and Team Iceman. So who won the showdown?

The game is on!

The game of volleyball is on

The game of volleyball is on

Paul Buckman, leader of Booragoon Champion Dads’ Group, said that the night went well with a lot of laughs shared between dads who attended the game. What started off as a leisurely game then became more and more competitive as the night went on. There were amazing dives, higher jumps and booming spikes by the end. Alas! It was a draw between both teams!

The Booragoon Primary Group Top Gun Trophy

Top Gun Trophy

The Top Gun Trophy

Looks like the Top Gun trophy was shared with both amazing teams! The trophy was made and donated by one of the dads of the group.

Some post event banter:

“Bucks, I still can’t walk from Friday…didn’t know I had muscles in certain areas…” The Boso

“Gold, gold, gold! When you are a star athlete it hurts, so enjoy! Thanks for being a part of it, looking forward to the next event and the laughs. Oh my sides still hurt from Friday from laughing so hard, you’ve got me laughing again!! Stop it!” Bucks

“A star yes an athlete not… that’s not what I mean, I’m sore from laughing… that’s a great excuse I’ll use that because my sides hurt tooooo” The Boso

Bigger and better for 2017

Paul and the members of the dads group are hoping for a bigger event in 2017 whereby other dads group are invited to come down to the centre and have a go at winning a trophy! If you are interested to start your own competition and to invite other dads group to join in the fun, contact us and we can discuss on how we can help!

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