The Great Activities by the LADDs

The Fathering Project was introduced into Currambine Primary School in March 2015.  The early momentum was maintained and built on through the creation of a free website using the WordPress site hosting. This became the basis for our communication to, and also from, the parent community of the Currambine Primary School.

Since then we have organised a subcommittee with 7 members under the school’s board and as an open, collaborative unit have identified our strengths and weaknesses. A broad range of activities has been conducted to cover all ages and the feedback has been very positive.

Lake bike ride – “What a great way to spend a Sunday with the kids” – Jacob

Billy Cart Workshop – “I loved the workshop it was great to do things with my dad” – Isabella

Kite making/Archery – “Great fun activity for young and old.” – John

A school mothers’ day competition – “What a wonderful opportunity for Dads to get involved more closely with their child’s school and have fun.” – Lesley

Movie night – “Was a great night. Thanks to the dads who organised it. We really appreciate your hard work.” – Karen-Dale Anderson

We have met, through Colin and the Fathering Project, some other fathering mentors and fully intend to use their strong foundations to continue to provide quality parenting opportunities for our fathers in our school and return the favour to others too.

We encourage you to read more about the LADDs and the activities they conduct.

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