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The Fathering Project assist dads to organise fun activities at schools across Australia; providing safe, inclusive and positive environments where father-figures can engage with their kids and learn, share, grow and connect with each other.

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All proceeds go to The Fathering Project and continue to support Fathers and Father figures to be more effective and engaged with their kids.

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Every donation helps us improve outcomes for kids by building communities of men - inspiring and equipping them to be positively engaged fathers and father-figures.

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About The Fathering Project:

For the kids.

Effective fathering means a generation of kids with happier, healthier futures.

The Fathering Project is here to help dads be more effective - so their kids enjoy positive, attentive fathering now, and healthy, happy lives as adults.

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“I would just like to thank The Fathering Project for the weekly tips. They are great and when I take a step back and put them into action, I can really see a difference in my two girls.”

Stuart, loving father of two beautiful daughters

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