The Fathering Channel – launching Wednesday 15 April

A virtual community to support dads, kids and families with all of the challenges of social isolation, working from home, juggling home schooling, financial hardships, and the impacts these can have on the family.

The channel will release new content daily, featuring podcasts, videos, chat forums, research–based articles and light-hearted celebrity conversations.

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Empowering communities

Now, more than ever, caring for family, friends and community is critical. Fathers and father-figures can have a powerful impact on the wellbeing of their kids and the wider community.

During times of uncertainty like COVID-19, it has never been more important for The Fathering Project to support our fathers to care for their families.

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COVID-19 Family Tips

The Fathering Project acknowledges we are all sharing similar feelings of anxiety about recent events and uncertainty about what lies ahead.

We have gathered some tips to help you discuss COVID-19 with your kids, as well as to work, learn and play together at home as a family during this period.


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Fathering Fundamentals

More engaged dads means improved futures for kids. Our aim is to build stronger families and communities by giving men resources and guidance to take on the responsibilities of engaged parenting.

Our research team has defined the core elements of fathering. They’re applicable to every father, every day. Explore each fundamental to further your fathering.

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Find your Dads Group

What is a Dads Group?

The Fathering Project assists dads to form groups that organise fun activities at schools across Australia, providing a safe and inclusive environment where fathers can engage with their kids and learn, share and connect with each other.

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About The Fathering Project:

Our mission

Research shows that more effective fathering means a generation of kids with happier, healthier futures.

We’re working to inspire and equip dads and father figures to be the best parents they can be, for the benefit of kids.

About The Fathering Project:

For the kids

Effective fathering means a generation of kids with happier, healthier futures.

The Fathering Project is here to help dads be more effective - so their kids enjoy positive, attentive fathering now, and healthy, happy lives as adults.

“Having a dad that inspired me to work and live to my potential; to make choices so that you get up in the morning and enjoy what you do is a gift that is constantly with me.”

Prof Fiona Wood AM, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in the area of burns and scar management

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