Cycling for Children - Classic Tour 2023

The riders did an epic job over the weekend in raising urgent funds to support dads and kids in need. We are so close to our fundraising goal! Can you help us make it over the finish line? 

It's not only about dads. Stronger families and communities mean brighter futures for our children.

The Fathering Project positively impacts fathering behaviour and fathers’ engagement with children through evidence-rich programs and resources that engage, equip and support fathers, families, schools, employers and community organisations.

Celebrating and recognising the impact of fathers

Practical resources to support your fathering journey

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Congratulations to The Australian Fathering Awards 2022 Winners

Craig Foster AM

Father of The Year

Australian Community
Father of The Year 

Australian Sports
Father of The Year

Australia’s Best Workplace
for Father’s

How you can help

Your donation is being used to transform the lives of children, fathers and families.

We believe the true impact of having confident and engaged Dads will be felt not just at home but across communities and society as a whole. Supporting fathers and father figures to be the best they can be means children with happier, healthier futures. With the generous support of our donors and sponsors, The Fathering Project will help to improve the lives of children today and for generations to come.

It means we can provide every father, or father-figure, the tools to engage with their children and to help them thrive.

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