10 More Minutes Matters

10 More Minutes: A Father's Gift of Time

Why 10 more minutes?

In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced world, one precious commodity often slips through our fingers: time. But what if we told you that just 10 more minutes of quality time could make all the difference to your child?

Those 10 extra minutes each day are more than just minutes – they’re an investment in your child’s future.

Research shows that quality time with dad contributes to emotional well-being, improves learning and academic results, boosts self-esteem, and even enhances cognitive development. It’s not just about being present; it’s about being present with purpose. It doesn’t matter how old your child is, whether they are a toddler or a teen – quality time is important to them.

Hamish Blake Father of the Year 2023 shares why he believes 10 more minutes is so important. Listen on the podcast. 

Reflect on your own childhood – what memories stand out most? 

Although 10 minutes might not seem like a lot – these minutes compound over and over. Every 10 minutes of quality time will compound and turn into a lifetime of memories that they will look back on fondly and know that they were worthy of your time. 

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Imagine the smile that lights up your child’s face when you say…

“Let’s play for 10 more minutes.”

Being a dad is a journey, and “10 More Minutes” is a reminder this Father’s Day that every moment counts.

These aren’t just minutes on a clock – they’re memories waiting to be made, laughter waiting to be shared, and a bond waiting to be strengthened.

Making every minute count

As adults, we are all aware of how fast time passes us by. Cherish every moment you can with your child. It’s easy to get caught up in the demands of life but make a conscious effort to carve out those 10 more minutes, whether it’s building a blanket fort, a dad date to the cinema, going for a fish, kicking the footy around, going on a camping trip together, or reading a bedtime story.

At The Fathering Project we always suggest one of the best ways to spend quality time is taking each of your child on a Dad date!

Happy Father Carrying his Son on his Neck

As Father’s Day approaches, let’s celebrate more than just a day on the calendar. Let’s celebrate the spirit of fatherhood – the unconditional love and the memorable moments.

This is your time to play with your child, be silly, be their listening ear, the big safe bear hug, and experience life through your child’s eyes – you only get one chance, and you’re living it now!

Make the pledge to give your children the gift of time – a gift that holds more value than any material possession. 

Keen to get involved?

Show us how you spend 10 More Minutes with your kids. Share your stories of these precious moments.

Use the hashtag #10MoreMinutes and let the world see the incredible impact these minutes can have.

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