Our Charter

The Fathering Project operates independently under the guidance of a well credentialed Board who ensure the following principles are adopted.

  • Secular
    The Fathering Project expounds no religious point of view and solely promotes actions that are based on high quality research and professional/academic views. Whilst from time-to-time we may work with a religious group, we do so without promoting any particular religious position. These groups are simply a community group to whom we impart our fathering principles, as we do to other community and corporate  organisations.
  • Apolitical
    We adopt no specific position on political issues or support any political group. We simply support initiatives that promote the better fathering, irrespective of who promotes them.
  • Best practice and research based
    The Fathering Project adopts a best practice approach based upon the best research available. The Scientific Advisory Group meets on a regular basis to monitor the research, evaluation of programmes, content and programming of The Fathering Project.