Our mission

The Fathering Project educates, connects and mobilises fathers and families to create brighter futures for children. We do this with research-based prevention and early intervention programs and resources that engage, inform, inspire, equip and support fathers, families, schools, corporates and community-based organisations.
diverse father and daughter

We transform lives through better fathering

We help dads to be the best dads they can be, for themselves, their children and their families. We partner with individuals and communities to change lives for the better, by:

  • Undertake high-impact research to understand how fathers impact their children’s lives from the perinatal period to adulthood and how they can connect with them to prevent and reduce demand for high intensity and crisis services in the future.
  • Deliver prevention and early intervention programs and services to improve father and family relationships and connectedness.
  • Build community awareness about the crucial impact fathers have on their children’s lives, through awareness campaigns, prevention and research-based information and resources.
  • Provide tools and resources to support fathers, families and communities and prevent and reduce numbers experiencing high rates of suicide, domestic violence, anti-social or extremist behaviour and poor mental health.
  • Provide support and outreach services to vulnerable and at-risk fathers and communities to prevent issues such as abuse, neglect, disengagement and trauma.
  • Advocate to governments and industry, for increased awareness of fathers’ changing roles in society, work and family and for funding and resources to invest in prevention and early intervention evidence-based programs, which offer the best long term outcomes for children and families.
  • Support professionals who work with fathers, children, and families to prevent long term social and emotional issues and build strong and enduring relationships in families and between fathers and children.
  • Build family and community resilience and capacity to prevent long term negative impacts.  

It’s simple: We want every Australian child to have an effective father or father figure to prevent long term social, emotional and cognitive difficulties and create the

conditions for children to thrive.

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