Our People

Our board and staff are professionals with expertise in the fields of corporate governance, education, and research. All have a huge passion for the impact that fathering can have on our community. Our staff members are passionate about helping The Fathering Project achieve its vision, and work together as a team to reach as many fathers and father figures as possible.

Our Charter

The Fathering Project operates independently under the guidance of a well-credentialed Board that ensures the following principles are adopted.

  • Secular
    The Fathering Project expounds no religious point of view and solely promotes actions that are based on high-quality research and professional/academic views. Whilst from time-to-time we may work with a religious group, we do so without promoting any particular religious position. These groups are simply a community group to whom we impart our fathering principles, as we do to other community and corporate organisations.
  • Apolitical
    We adopt no specific position on political issues or support any political group. We simply support initiatives that promote the better fathering, irrespective of who promotes them.
  • Best practice and research-based
    The Fathering Project adopts a best practice approach based upon the best research available. The Scientific Advisory Group meets on a regular basis to monitor the research, evaluation of programs, content, and programming of The Fathering Project.

Our Board

Our Directors bring to the Board of The Fathering Project many years of corporate governance experience a committed passion for the impact of effective fathering on our kids. The board members have broad networks and a diverse range of skills, expertise and experience.

Our Patrons

Our patrons provide their support to benefit the important role that The Fathering Project plays in inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to be better in their roles.

Our Ambassadors

The Fathering Project receives wonderful support from highly credentialed individuals who are passionate and strongly supportive of The Fathering Project. The Ambassadors provide their time and expertise in promoting the benefits of an effective father and the important role that The Fathering Project plays in inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to be better in their roles.

Scientific Advisory Group

The Scientific Advisory Group oversees the research, evaluation, program and content development of The Fathering Project.

SAG comprises leading practitioners, researchers and academics in Western Australia.


We have a large number of volunteers who help The Fathering Project with events, administration and fundraising.