More effective fathers and father-figures means a generation of kids with happier, healthier futures.

Our Mission

The Fathering Project aims to inspire and equip fathers and father-figures to positively engage with the children in their lives – for the benefit of kids.

The Fathering Project delivers resources, programs and events specific to the engagement style and needs of dads and father-figures.

It’s all about the kids:

Studies show that the cumulative effect of improved fathering can influence a number of positive outcomes across the board including:

  • Improved child development
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Improved school results
  • Improved functionality of at-risk families
  • Reduced substance abuse
  • Reduced crime
  • Reduced suicide & self-harm.

We’re taking a research backed and preventative approach to improving the lives of children, by engaging fathers and father-figures – inspiring and equipping them to be the best they can be.

Our vision:

For every child in Australia to have an effective father figure.

Our values:

  • We care about people
  • We act with integrity in what we do
  • We act as an inspiration to fathers to be better

Our History

Founded in 2013 by Professor Bruce Robinson in Western Australia, The Fathering Project has since expanded operations to New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Since foundation, The Fathering Project has developed a research arm, a library of fathering tips and resources and a core Dads Group program that works with schools to engage fathers and father-figures across Australia.

In 2014, Professor Bruce Robinson was named West Australian of the Year for his work across medical studies, and with The Fathering Project.

In June 2019 The Fathering Project was recognised as the Western Australian Men’s Health Award Winner, after having received endorsement and a $5.4m funding boost from the Federal Government in January.

The Fathering Project Preventing Kids Harm (PKH)

In May 2015, The Fathering Project founded The Fathering Project PKH to further tackle the problems of child self-abuse, suicide and substance abuse. Through this initiative, we will work closely with schools across Australia; conduct much needed academically-sound research; and align with similar organisations to produce educational and prevention materials to create awareness on child self-harm, suicide and substance abuse.

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