Established for children across Australia, The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by engaging fathers. We know an effective father-figure has a profound impact on his children.

We aim to:

1. Encourage fathers to recognise how important they are in a child’s life.

2. Give regular tips, helping and encouraging fathers to positively engage with their children.

3. Inspire fathers to become proactive parents.

4. Develop programs and initiatives to reach and inspire more fathers.

5. Utilise research to develop tips and update our programs so we can keep encouraging positive change in Fathers and families.

6. Highlight the strong causal link between good fathering and the reduction of issues developing including those across mental health, substance abuse, family and other violence and self harm.

Being the best Dad you can be

Credit: Chris Dobson and family

Credit: Chris Dobson and family

An engaged dad will benefit the wellbeing of his kids today and tomorrow. At The Fathering Project, we work together with fathers and father figures – inspiring and equipping them to become the best dads they can be.

More and more research is being conducted on the benefits of an effective father or father figure in a household. Results have shown that an absent father or father figure in a child’s life can mean an increased likelihood of self-harm, substance abuse and suicide amongst school aged children.

It’s important to aim high, and be the most engaged and effective dad you can be, for the sake of your children.

It’s all about the kids

Credit: Sean Johns

Credit: Sean Johns

Our purpose is to inspire, encourage and support fathers and father figures in our community to be more present and pro-active at every stage of their kids’ life. A positive relationship with their kids means they are:

  • Less likely to use illicit substances
  • More likely to have improved mental health and a stronger sense of worth resulting in less self-harm and suicide
  • More likely to have better in health and general wellbeing
  • More likely to have further developed cognitive ability
  • More likely to perform better at school

After all, our work is benefiting kids around Australia.

The Fathering Project Preventing Kids Harm (PKH)

In May 2015, The Fathering Project founded The Fathering Project PKH to further tackle the problems of child self-abuse, suicide and substance abuse. Through this initiative, we will work closely with schools across Australia; conduct much needed academically-sound research; and align with similar organisations to produce educational and prevention materials to create awareness on child self-harm, suicide and substance abuse.

Our Vision

For every child in Australia to have an effective father figure.

Our Values

  • We CARE about people
  • We act with INTEGRITY in what we do
  • We act as an INSPIRATION to fathers to be better

Why not be part of The Fathering Project?

We cannot achieve our vision without the support of the community. Any help we get is very much appreciated. You can help by: