What We Do

Here at the Fathering Project, we are taking the “turn off the tap” approach  through our prevention and education programs – encouraging and inspiring fathers and father figures to become better dads for the sake of their children.

There are a lot of amazing not-for-profit organisations and government agencies that are doing a fantastic job at providing support services to those affected by issues such as crime, substance abuse, self-harm and suicide. The Fathering Project seeks to prevent issues from arising in the first place, rather than an interventionist approach to managing issues after they have occurred.

Concept figure

The Fathering Project utilises a variety of approaches in achieving our purpose:


  • Dads Group program to target early behaviours
    • Father activities for fun, friendship and sharing of knowledge
    • Father & child activities
    • Fathers & The Fathering Project for specific issues such as ‘Fathers & Teenagers’, ‘Dealing with the Cyber Tsunami” etc
    • Fathers & school activities to engage fathers in school initiatives
  • Activities  and events to bring dads and kids together
  • Community groups including sports clubs, churches & mothers groups.

Useful Resources

  • Weekly email tips to remind people of the importance of the father and provide useful ideas to become better fathers
  • Tips, activities and resources for busy fathers or partners in the form of articles, videos and podcasts.
  • Books
  • Videos (Youtube and Vimeo) and podcasts
  • Website information