Ancient wisdom about being a good dad

There is ancient wisdom around the key factors on how to be a good dad. Listen in to this podcast to hear the story of a dad who showed his son unconditional love, or read the transcript below.

Ancient wisdom about being a good dad

I’ve always been rather fascinated by the fact that what we say today about how to be a good dad has actually been known for a long time, but it’s almost been hidden.

For example, we say that the most important things for a dad, in terms of their kids, are to be there for them, to love them unconditionally and help them feel special.

But hey, there’s an international best-seller written 2,000 years ago that says that. We know it as the story of the prodigal son – about a son who took his father’s money and spent it on wine, women and song, and then came back to grovel to his father. But his father, interestingly, ran out to meet him, and then as the son began his speech to say he just wanted to work in the pigsty, the father cut him off and said, “No, my son was lost and now he is found!” His love did not depend on his son working out in the backyard in the pigsty; he wrapped his arms around his son and loved him without condition, and then he said, “Let’s have a party!”

So there’s ancient wisdom around about the key factors of how to be a good dad.


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