Ask how you can help

“It took me a while to realise that what my girls needed was support from their father rather than lots of instructions. I started off with the ‘usual male bullshit’ of trying to get them to stop mucking around and get on and do what I wanted them to do. They soon told me to stop all of that ‘male, left-brain stuff’ and I realised over a period of time that they really needed my support rather than lectures. I have since learnt that it is best to listen and ask ‘what can I do to help?’ rather than telling them what to do.” – Ken McAullay, corporate manager and former State footballer and cricketer.

  • It’s easy to fall into the habit of telling your child what to do. Try asking how you can help instead.
  • When you find yourself in lecturing mode take a step back and think about how you can be a support.


Talk about your job

Children want to understand where you go and what you do all day.


Encourage a healthy lifestyle

Spend active time with your kids – go for a swim, kick a footy at the park, or go for a bike ride. Encourage them to get outdoors and play.