Ask the mum for tips

Mums have developed some good sensors as to how the children feel about dad being away and when you spend time with them. What about asking the children’s mum to identify things they like and things they don’t like about these times.

Remember not to take it as criticism. No need to jump straight into a conversation with the child and seek answers. This is easy to say but harder to do. It is about improving and a chance for you to get a feeling on how you children are coping.


Father to Son Tips Help the New Dad and Kids

Simon Robinson has fond memories of the “dad dates” his father used to take him on when he was a child. Now with two young daughters of his own, the son of Western Australian of the Year Professor Bruce Robinson says he can fully appreciate his father’s efforts to make time for him.


Be a role model for your beliefs to your children

Children will learn of your beliefs by what you do as well as what you say.