Assistance programs for FIFO partners

Employers of FIFO workers include information on their assistance programs in induction sessions, but this doesn’t always get passed on to partners at home who can also benefit from such programs.

Coping with FIFO work or large amounts of travel is difficult for both workers and their partners and families left at home. Employers provide a range of support programs, such as counselling and referrals, however the information doesn’t always get communicated to partners. Make sure you pass along to your partner the information you receive about such support, and discuss when and why you might take advantage of the services offered. Neither you nor your partner should leave it too late to seek help.


Keep Calm & Carry on

In this short and humorous clip with Peter Rowsthorn, he discusses the importance of keeping calm around your children, even in stressful situations.


Don’t be a reactive father

Plan parenting strategies ahead of time; don’t just react to the current issue.