At home funspiration

When school’s out – enjoy spending time with your kids, rather than endeavouring to ‘entertain’ them.

If you need to stay home but want to have quality fun time – ask them what they want to do and give some of your own ideas too – choose together and make a whole day of it.

Deciding is half the fun; but here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Craft – painting, drawing, beading, pottery, play dough.
  • More creativity – dress ups, story writing / telling, build a pillow fort, bake, build with lego or recyclables, make puppets and plan a show.
  • More inside – plan a project, adventure or a trip for the future, cook, rearrange their bedroom, make a surprise gift for a family member who’s out.
  • Outside – backyard cricket, teach your dog to fetch, garden together, build a treehouse or fort, water pistol or water bomb fights.


Show them you love them

Short and humorous video clip featuring Peter Rowsthorn sharing some advice and tips on behalf of The Fathering Project.


Let kids know they are loved

Parenting is not always easy. But even in the difficult times, tell your child you love them.