Back-up contact details

Mobile phones are a great way to keep in touch, but you may not always be able to have yours with you or be able to have it switched on. Besides, accidents happen that can make your phone unusable.

Make sure your kids have at least one alternative way to contact you when you are apart in case there is an emergency – a supervisor’s landline number, accommodation reception number, or whatever is most appropriate.


Teenage girls and the pressure they face

Girls need some help or some way to avoid the pressure they get from boys. You can find other strategies or ways from Collective Shout to help your teenage daughter(s). In the meantime, listen to this podcast for tips on how to help teenage girls face the pressure.


King Tut mixed

Listen to this informative Podcast by Dr Bruce Robinson about the anecdote of King Tut and the concept of accumulation of wealth and material possessions in today's society.