Be a coach

“One way that I make sure I get time with my kids during the week is to be the coach of one of their teams. That way I have to be there during the week for practice and every Saturday for the game. It is written into my schedule that at 3.30 every Wednesday I leave – no work, no meetings, no operations, nothing can be booked into that slot.” – David Wood, orthopaedic surgeon.

  • Being involved in your child’s activities means you are there on a regular basis.
  • Make that time a priority by scheduling it into your week.
  • Spend the time in the car in conversation with your child.


Everyday conversations are a treasure

Time spent together doesn’t have to involve expensive outings or putting aside a whole afternoon.


Keep a record

Make a note of things about your visit with the children that went well, and things that didn’t. Try to repeat the good things, and make changes to reduce the chances of the not so good things happening again.