Be a more proactive father

“A lot of men don’t think about fathering because men really don’t like to think about the future. For example, they don’t like to think about their own retirement or death, but if you say to them, ‘what sort of lifestyle would your family have if you died?’, then they have to start thinking about it – that’s why we should all have enough life insurance. Men usually just want to wait and see what happens but you need to plan things in advance, at least to some extent, or you won’t be able to do them.” – David Pocock, investment adviser.

  • Take some time to think about your family’s needs in the future.
  • Complete any tasks that you ‘haven’t gotten around to yet.’
  • Today is the day to become more proactive about the future.


Encourage your children to share their worries

Listen to your children’s fears and anxieties about the times you are away and reassure them of your love and commitment to them.


Conversation starters – primary school children

Here are a few suggested questions to ask your child.