Be mindful of family time when scheduling meetings

“I try to create a work environment that allows people to have a family life. For example, I try to cut down unnecessary meetings that take up a lot of time, produce a lot of conversation but don’t achieve much. I only call a meeting if it is really necessary, if there is a decision to be made and if all the relevant people are going to be there. When I ran a large development group of 500 people in Seattle I would try not to schedule meetings before nine o’clock or after four o’clock unless there was a crisis. If there is a crisis of course you have to do that but otherwise those times are just not good times for status meetings and project updates. It’s important that people realise you can still be productive at work and yet drop your kids at school and get home in time for dinner.” – Daniel Petre, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

  • Be conscious of not only your own family schedule but the schedule of others when you set meeting times.
  • As a business leader you can promote a healthy lifestyle at work and at home.


Beautiful vs. Pretty

Beauty is both inside and out; prettiness fades. Remember to tell your daughter she is beautiful. This way, you will help build up her confidence.


Do you know where your child is all day? Visit their school and see!

Take your child to school and ask them to show you around – where is their classroom? Where do they sit? Where do they eat lunch? Where is the playground? Who is their teacher? Who are their friends? Having this information will make it easier to relate to your child as they tell you about their school life.