Be present

“I now have a six-year-old daughter, Emma, and even though I am the Premier I think it’s really important for me to make as much time as possible for school events. I try not to rush in and out, but to participate in assemblies, busy bees and if possible I ride to school with her one day a week.” – Richard Court (in 2000) – former Premier of Western Australia.

  • Engage in the activity. Make eye contact and really pay attention to what is going on.
  • Put your phone away and put work out of your mind during the time you are at your child’s activity. Really focus on them.
  • Be there mentally, not just physically.


What boys need

Always model the behaviour you wish your child to imitate – even when you think they are not aware of what you are doing.


Use technology to stay connected during the day

It is now easier than ever to stay connected with your children even when you are at work.