Be present

“I now have a six-year-old daughter, Emma, and even though I am the Premier I think it’s really important for me to make as much time as possible for school events. I try not to rush in and out, but to participate in assemblies, busy bees and if possible I ride to school with her one day a week.” – Richard Court (in 2000) – former Premier of Western Australia.

  • Engage in the activity. Make eye contact and really pay attention to what is going on.
  • Put your phone away and put work out of your mind during the time you are at your child’s activity. Really focus on them.
  • Be there mentally, not just physically.


Take a minute to celebrate ‘The Land Down Under’

Here’s some stellar advice from Tommy Caldwell, one of the top rock climbers on the planet - someone who Kym imagines spent way too much of his formative years hanging off high-points by his fingertips (and maybe being told not to by well-meaning adults).


Plan your school involvement for the upcoming year

It’s the start of the school year for Australian schools, so they will be asking parents to volunteer their time for many roles, including serving on canteen, assisting teachers in the classroom, helping at working bees, etc. Sit down with your children and agree with them what you will volunteer for, and how often.