Be the voice in your child’s head

Peer pressure can be very hard to ignore. To help your kids avoid giving in to peer pressure, it is important to be the voice in your child’s head encouraging them to think twice before following the masses. Listen to Bruce Robinson on this topic, or read the transcript below.

Be the Voice in your Child’s Head

We have a saying called the K2 effect. K2 is the second highest mountain in the world and the K2 effect is this:

Peter Hillary, who is a famous mountaineer, was nearly at the summit of K2, and the climbers around him said, “We’re only 400 metres from the summit. Let’s go!” But he sensed a change in the weather.

But there was a lot of peer pressure to go, and he wanted to go too – it’s the most famous mountain in the world for mountaineers to climb, much harder than Mt Everest – and he found the voice of his father came to him, and said, “Peter, make your own mind up.”

So he backtracked down the mountain, and the seven people with him went straight up. He got back to his tent, a storm hit, and the next morning he woke up to blue skies, and all seven people above him were dead.

The voice of his father (Sir Edmund Hillary, the famous mountaineer) came to him, despite peer pressure and despite his own desire to push on, and it saved his life.

So dads, be the voice in your child’s head to stop them crossing that thin red line between fun and catastrophe – you may save their life!


Attend the kids’ sports and other interests

Encourage your children in whatever sport and other interests they have chosen, by attending games and asking them questions.


Give freedom to make mistakes

Letting go can be hard, but it's only when children make mistakes that they can begin to learn from them.