Being an example of resilience

Your kids will pay attention and base their behaviour on what they see and observe, so it’s important to model good behaviour when handling the good and the bad in your life.

  • Avoid dismissing your kids’ challenges: be open and talk with your kids at a young age about some issues you faced when you were growing up and how you overcame them, i.e. sibling rivalry, sharing and handling change.
  • When you anticipate challenges for your kid/s, talk openly about how they might face these with a positive and resilient attitude – i.e. transitioning in to pre-primary.
  • What are some strategies they can use to make things easier or keep a motivated mindset if they’re feeling discouraged? Chat to them about this.



Alcohol and your children

What can you do to help your children understand alcohol is not the answer to their everyday stresses?


“Post-it” notes in the lunch box

Write short notes and include them in your child’s lunch box.