Being involved and overcoming peer pressure

Being involved in your kid’s lives is really important. Your involvement shows them how much you care about them. Remember that kids need to know that there are boundaries. They may not like it, but in the long term, they’ll be grateful as they know you care about them.

For an example, imagine a scenario where you’re coming up to New Year’s Eve and you’ve got teenagers who want to go out to a party.  Mum and dad, however, say, “Hang on a minute, you’re only thirteen.  I’m not comfortable with that.”  How do you bridge that gap?

The most important thing is for parents not to roll their eyes at their kids or quick to dismiss their intention. Kids need to know that there are boundaries.  They do not like that you’re on their case, but in the long term they will be grateful, because they know that you care about them.  A teenager does not feel loved from their parents is when the parents don’t care what happens to them. Create a boundary fence that tells them that you love them, and they’ll be grateful later.  When it comes to the crunch, children don’t need another pal, they need a parent.

Parents, Peers and Powerful Advertising

The role of fathers is important with regards to how kids behave.  Peers are important, as is powerful advertising, but of the three p’s, which is parents, peers, and powerful advertising, parents are the ultimate influencer.  If you are involved, you trump the other two.  When both parents are not involved, the other two get a free hit.

This article was written based on Bruce Robinson’s interview with Jane Marwick on 6PR.


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