“Being there” with technology

Technology can be an important tool for you to keep in touch with family when you are away.

Video chats can be a great way of connecting with your kids and a 5 minute chat goes a long way. With children, seeing is often believing. Try Skype, Instagram, iChat, VBuzzer and goober as examples for video conferencing that enable you to keep in contact when you are away from them, whether because of work arrangements or marital breakdown. These tools are usually free and can be used on tablets, smart phones or PCs with an internet connection.

As a tip – remember to ask open questions that will open up the discussion. These are better than questions that lead to yes/no answers and will help you build an effective communication link. Be prepared to talk about your day and week so that they see it is a two sided conversation.


Build contacts in the workplace

Find other dads in your situation in your workplace and/or community and share experiences.


Plan your next dad dates

If you work away from home, travel a lot, or don't see your children often due to access limitations, here's an activity to try: discuss ideas for dad dates and book them into your calendar.