Beliefs and values; cockroaches and moths

Dads are powerful influencers in shaping the beliefs and values of their children, both through what they say and what they do. Listen to this podcast here, or read the transcript below.

Beliefs and Values; Moths and Cockroaches

I’d like to talk to dads and father figures about beliefs and values, and how you can influence your children.

I’m not telling you what you should teach them – that’s up to you – but there’s a theory called ‘moths and cockroaches’. Whatever it is, whatever the values and beliefs are that you’d like your children to have, you can turn them into a moth that is attracted to the light or a cockroach that runs away from it.

And the way you do that, of course, is by some foundations. But the fundamental way to do it is by embodying in your life whatever it is you want your children to think, and then expose them to other people who are attractive in that regard. Just shouting, nagging and being like a dripping tap is likely to put them off, just as you’re likely to put them off if your life does not embody what you’re talking about. If you believe in care for the poor; if you believe that racism is bad; embody some way of living like that.

So dads, you’re very powerful in shaping beliefs and values. It’s said that children learn their beliefs and values at their father’s feet.


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