Benefits of being a dad

Being a committed father pays off exponentially in the long run. Read what these dads have to say about their grown up children:

  • “I guess I would like my kids to know that I love them, of course, but also that I have a deep interest in them as people. I would like them to know what a richness they have brought to our lives and how grateful I am to them for that richness. I have enjoyed grasping every opportunity I had to nurture them and I have loved having that responsibility.” – John Inverarity, former Australian cricketer and current chairman of selectors, ACB.
  • “My three children are wonderful kids. Absolutely wonderful. It’s a privilege to be with them, they are three of the best and they have given us a life that is very privileged. Anyone who looks at parenting as a chore is missing the experience. They give you so much pleasure, so much joy, and so much richness. These relationships are priceless. I have a strong sense of fathering being a gift. It is a gift that is given; I haven’t created it.” – Peter Newman, environmental scientist, author and educator.
  • “I would like them to know that fathering my three girls has been the richest thing I have ever done. All of the richest experiences I have had in my life have been around being a father. Also, I have gained so much in my own life from my children, as they have reciprocated my love in so many ways.” – Peter Prout, lecturer, pastor, former schoolteacher and principal.


Don’t postpone being a better dad

You don’t have forever. Time with your kids is very special, so ensure you start from the first day they are born and go on a journey of becoming a good dad to them. Listen in to an inspiring story of a stepfather to his children.


Make more time for family

While work is a necessity, so is your family. How can you structure your work to make more time for your family?