Benefits of being an involved dad

A dad pushing a pram while waiting for his wife to finish shopping

You will almost certainly benefit from being an involved and committed dad. You will have:

  • Better enjoyment of life
  • Special memories
  • Stronger relationship with your partner
  • Friendship with your child
  • More meaning in your life
  • Rediscovering ‘how to play’
  • Better connection to your community. Everybody loves a baby, and a dad pushing a pram!
  • You will also become more relaxed, healthier, less ‘stale’, less lonely and a more interesting person who knows how to laugh and have fun.

Some quotes from other dads

Don’t let the baby keep you at home all the time
“Early on my wife Helen and I decided that we would involve our boys in our lives. They always came with us wherever we went and whatever we did. If we went out to dinner with friends they came with us, not to eat dinner but to be involved in the visit socially, then to sleep on the floor in a bassinet or on a mattress.” – Dennis Lillee, Test Cricketer

Understand that this baby really needs you as well as mum
“If a young professional or tradesman came up to me and asked for advice on how to do a good job as a new dad I would say, ‘Put your own self aside and make the mental leap that this baby is precious and important. They need you more than you need them. You are there to fulfil their needs not your own’ – John Anderson AO, former Deputy Prime Minister

Don’t leave it all to mum – pitch in and pull your weight
“Jess didn’t sleep much day or night. I used to fit my work schedule around his naps. I wrote two books on daily bursts of 90 minutes. It was an education in terms of discipline (focusing the mind within a compressed timeframe).” – Tim Winton, Author

Don’t leave it too late – read about what you need to know now
“I just thought that my main job as a father was to provide my family with money and security. I wish I’d known all of this stuff when I started fathering” – Peter Provan, welder.


Teaching children values

Don’t assume your children will learn the right values through TV, movies, magazines or their peers. Dads are powerful influencers, so model in your own life the values you want your children to learn.


Communicating with your child

The most powerful way to engage with your child on a daily basis is to shift your communication gear from ‘transactional' to 'interactional’.