Board games and card games

Turn off the TV and other distractions, find games that are suitable to your children’s ages, and have fun! There are hundreds of card games and board games to choose from; here are a few suggestions:

  • Card games for two people: Snap, Memory, Go Fish, Cribbage
  • Board games for two people: Chess, Battleship, Scrabble, Mancala, Backgammon, Othello
  • Card games for families: Rummy, Bridge, Five Hundred, Hearts
  • Board games for families: Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Game of Life, Scrabble, Pictionary, Cluedo


If you are new to FIFO work or lots of travel

Allow time for you and the family to adapt to the new routine.


The Dads Guide To Building A Physically Resilient Body.

“Train smarter before harder” is the age old saying many athletes over the age of 40 abide by and should be a philosophy adopted by the future generations if we’re to build long lasting resilience physically, mentally and emotionally.

Guest contributor Jason Dick of Earn The Right rehabilitation, strength training & conditioning gym shares his advice on resilience.