Bookmark sites about your children

There are plenty of sites that have to do with your children and these can be accessed any time of day or night. Examples are surf lifesaving clubs, sports teams, school newsletters, school timetables, etc.

Why not set up a bookmark for each child and then make sure you visit one of their sites each week to keep abreast of what they have been up to or events in an area of their life.

If you ask them how was x or y, they will be more open to your telephone discussions or time together.


Tip: Raising adventurous kids

Being adventurous in childhood, and adulthood, helps us continue learning and growing. It's important for children to learn that  adventuring can be fun, rewarding and safe.


Join or start a dads’ group at school or work

Dads’ groups are a great way for dads to get to know other dads, to organise and run group activities to have fun with their kids, and to share experiences and compare notes on being dads.