Break the cycle of a poor role model

You don’t have to be like your dad. If he was never a good role model to you while growing up, break the cycle! Listen to Bruce Robinson’s podcast on breaking the cycle, or read the transcript below.

Break the cycle of a poor role model

I know that lots of dads out there are trying to be good dads, but they didn’t have very good dads themselves, so they’re struggling a bit. I mean, how would you possibly know how to be a good dad yourself, if your dad wasn’t much good at it?

Well, I think it’s really important to decide you’re going to break the cycle. You can’t just say, “Well, my dad wasn’t much good, so what chance have I got?”

I’ve got a bit of a hero in this regard; he’s a friend of mine named Tony Cooke. He’s a terrific guy, a terrific community servant and a terrific dad. But his dad was emotionally abusive to him, and he was the last person hung in Western Australia – he was a serial killer, Eric Edgar Cooke. And I think because Tony decided he was going to break the cycle, he decided you don’t have to be like your dad.

He is my absolute inspiration, and it means that if Tony can do it and turn out to be such a brilliant guy, nobody else has any excuse.

So guys, please, if your dad wasn’t much good, get in touch with The Fathering Project, and work out what ways you can do to break the cycle, and become a better dad yourself.


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