Camping with your children can be an adventure

Sometimes things go wrong when camping. Consider these events as stories to be handed down in family folklore, and enjoy this time spent with your kids. Listen to this podcast by Bruce Robinson, or read the transcript below.

Camping with your children can be an adventure

One of the things that we have started at The Fathering Project is what we call “Father-child campouts”. We do them at the schools, but I want to recommend camping with your kids generically, even if you’re not used to it.

I started doing what I called a “rites of passage” camping trip with each child when they were going from primary school to high school. We would go down south, and then we’d always finish by climbing the Gloucester tree. I had this symbolism in my mind, that I would stand back and say, “You’re on your own now. You’re becoming an adult.” But of course in truth, my oldest son, he just shot straight up and I was the one who got nervous climbing up!

What matters about father-son or father-daughter or mother-son or mother-daughter camping trips:

Firstly it’s a one-on-one time.

Secondly, something always goes wrong. You get your own war stories, and you can tell them – they’re kind of secrets that only you guys know.

Thirdly they can get a love of the outdoors. The outdoors is so sensory and three-dimensional – it’s so good for kids to develop a love of the outdoors. So I recommend thinking about camping trips with your kids.


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