Challenge your kids

If you work away from home or travel a lot, try this idea:

Set your child a task to complete while you are apart – something that will challenge them. Then in Skype or phone chats check on progress and provide guidance if they get bogged down. The task can be anything, really, but here are some ideas:

  • Complete a difficult jigsaw puzzle
  • Read several chapters of a novel
  • Research something on the internet such as potential holiday destinations
  • Plan the steps and figure out the materials required to build a cubby house or go-kart (which you can then build together)
  • Learn to juggle


Photo documentary

If you work away from home, travel a lot, or don't see your kids every day due to access limitations, here's an activity to try: create a photo documentary of your day, and ask your kids to do the same.


Top Ten Tips for Being a Great Dad

An article in The West which offers top 10 tips of being a great dad from Professor Bruce Robinson