Cherish everyday moments

“My high points with the kids were not so much the sport or speech nights when they won awards and praise from their peers, but all those occasions when we are just sitting at the table in the evening with the family together being happy. (As we spoke, Daniel and Georgia were doing the washing up behind us and laughing and joking with each other. He quietly pointed over his shoulder and nodded and said, ‘That’s what I mean – when the kids are happy in the family.’)” – Jim McCluskey, medical researcher, doctor and professor.

  • Cherish the everyday moments together at home.
  • Make time to relax at home together as regularly as possible.

Teens and Respect.

Here are a few tools you might use to promote mutual respect and ensure your teenager knows they are respected.


Tips for separated dads Part 2

Here are some more tips for separated dads from Bruce Robinson, founder of The Fathering Project. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript below.