Connect after dinner

“We always had the evening meals together although it wasn’t the interaction point – there were lots of other points that were probably more significant, especially the period between meal time and bedtime.” – Allan Chapple, former principal, Trinity Theological College.

  • Take advantage of the time together after dinner to connect with your child.
  • Even when you can’t make it home for an evening meal try to be home before bedtime. That way you can still engage your child in conversation.


Take a minute to celebrate ‘The Land Down Under’

Here’s some stellar advice from Tommy Caldwell, one of the top rock climbers on the planet - someone who Kym imagines spent way too much of his formative years hanging off high-points by his fingertips (and maybe being told not to by well-meaning adults).


The benefits of sleep for your child

Helping your child to get enough sleep in the early years creates long-lasting benefits.