Connect over a meal

“Meal times were special at home. Dad was always there. Dad always tried to be there, and as we grew up he used meal times as an opportunity to develop our thinking skills – he used to often raise an issue and deliberately take the opposite side to the position we would take, simply to get us thinking and working out our own position.” – Jane Perkins, daughter of Harry Perkins, former chairman of Wesfarmers, former chancellor of Curtin University, former chairman of the WA Institute for Medical Research.

  • Use meal times to do more than just talk about what happened that day. Discuss news events, political issues, or even theology.
  • Teach your children to think for themselves and come up with their own ideas about the issues you discuss.


Consider working part time at home

Can you find a way to do some of your work from home? Even a day or two a week?


Encourage your kids to avoid smoking

Discuss with your children the impacts of smoking, and ways to avoid starting.