Connect over shared interests

“I always try to take my teenage daughter to her sporting activities because it gives me about twenty minutes to talk with her, otherwise we don’t get a chance to talk. That twenty minutes in the car gives me a good chance to laugh with her and talk about inane things.” – Anonymous, sportsman

  • Talk with your child about the activities they love. Connect over shared interests
  • Tell your child a bit about your day as well. Share any funny moments. Your child will enjoy hearing that you are not perfect!
  • Regular time together, talking, will only make your relationship stronger


FIFO (Mums’ involvement)

Mums play an even more important part in the family than usual when their partners are away for long stretches of time due to work or travel. Mums can help avoid resentment from the kids towards a dad who is often away and misses important events. Find out how by listening to this podcast.


Be a coach

Being involved in your child's activities means you are there on a regular basis.