Connect with schools electronically

Most schools offer parents the opportunity to connect on-line so they can find out what is happening at the school – in fact, more and more school communication is exclusively on-line. On-line access will enable you to engage directly with the teachers and to follow the curriculum and school activities, as well as understand what your child is doing at school without needing to be at the school gate.

Have a look at the school’s website and ask if you are unsure what is required.  Fathers (whether at home or living or working away from their children) are generally behind in keeping up with e-communication from the school, however especially for fathers away from home this is a great chance to link in.  Try 15 minutes each week when you are away!


Try a continuous story

Tell your child a story featuring them as the main character, and add a new episode each day or week.


Measuring Success

What does success look like to you? What is your idea of a successful person and a successful family?