Consider working part time at home

“The way I work is to spend the mornings at home and afternoons at work. At home I limit my work to thinking, researching, writing etc. Then I work in the office in the afternoon and do administration tasks and have meetings. That way I can still come home at the end of the day and have that ‘coming home feeling’ rather than feeling like I am returning to my office. Because of the way I have structured it I don’t come home to emails, phone calls and meetings – those have been handled at the office.” – John Dickson, writer, historian and minister

  • Can you find a way to do some of your work from home? Even a day or two a week?
  • When you work from home in the morning you are able to share breakfast as a family and participate in all your children’s morning activities
  • Restructuring your work day allows you to dedicate more time to your family.


Negative Peer Pressure

Don’t avoid talking to your children about peer pressure. Also, invite their friends to your home and get to know them uncritically.


Teaching children values

Don’t assume your children will learn the right values through TV, movies, magazines or their peers. Dads are powerful influencers, so model in your own life the values you want your children to learn.