Cook a special meal once a week or once a month

Kids cooking spaghetti Bolognese

Credit: Joe Spano and Family

Take your children’s ages (and your abilities!) into account when planning your meal. Start off with something relatively easy – pancakes for breakfast, for example – and as you and the children gain experience you can move on to more complex recipes. It’s all about spending time together and creating shared experiences, rather than what you actually cook.

(Make sure you and the kids clean up afterwards as well – your partner will appreciate it!)


Join or start a dads’ group at school or work

Dads’ groups are a great way for dads to get to know other dads, to organise and run group activities to have fun with their kids, and to share experiences and compare notes on being dads.


That lingering sense

Make every effort to farewell the children on a high note, as that will be what is remembered most.