Count the cost of living unbalanced

“In the past I have been the classic overworking idiot who has worked so hard that when he goes on holidays it takes him three weeks to relax, and then he goes down with the ‘flu. That doesn’t happen to me now.” – Daniel Petre, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

  • Sometimes the decision to sacrifice work for the children will cost money, but wouldn’t you rather be poorer and a good father?
  • If you decide you always want to be with the kids you can find time.
  • Living unbalanced may earn you more money but there are other ‘costs’ to take into account.


Discussing beliefs with your children, whatever they are

Be open to your children’s questions about what you believe and why. Tell them why you observe certain rituals or attend your place of worship on certain days.


Parents’ survival guide for leavers / schoolies

Here are a few tips to help you guide your school leaver towards making the right choices.