Create a family ritual

“I take the kids down to the beach in the evenings after work about three times a week. We drive down, buy a drink and park. We either just sit there and talk or we walk along the cliff or along the beach watching the windsurfers. I love teaching them to appreciate the beauty of the beach and the open air. It also helps me unwind after work. It gives me a great chance to talk to them. It would not have worked so well at home – they might be distracted by TV. I ask the kids how their day was. It is a good time to talk but sometimes they don’t want to talk so we don’t. Anyone can do it – it is easy and it is free (apart from the cost of the odd soft drink!).” – Ken Watt, dentist.

  • Begin a family ritual after work at least once a week.
  • Find a place that is relaxing and away from the house to be together. Use it as a way to wind down from the day and connect with one another.
  • Put the rest of the things that need done on hold for even 30 minutes so that you can enjoy this special time together.


Camping with your children can be an adventure

Sometimes things go wrong when camping. Consider these events as stories to be handed down in family folklore, and enjoy this time spent with your kids.


Discussing sexuality with your daughter

Your involvement in your daughter’s teenage years is very important. It is a bad time to withdraw your affection as it is just the time when she needs the love and care from you.